Creek crossing

As the first custom built survival school on the east coast of Australia we aim to teach people not just to survive, but to thrive in any given situation. Each course varies slightly due to the season but typically includes learning how to:

  • Identify and use edible and medicinal plants
  • Find, make and purify water
  • Humanely kill, prepare and cook animals
  • Make fire by friction, flint & steel, firewood selection & bush cooking techniques
  • Shelter building/bush bedding
  • Bush navigation, time & direction from sun and stars
  • Map and compass reading
  • Bush crafts, natural cordage & knots
  • Bush soap, toilet paper, sunscreen etc
  • Tracking, trapping/hunting techniques
  • Make & use aboriginal weaponry such as spears and stone knives
  • Emergency signaling, evacuation and first aid
  • Psychology of survival

You don’t need to be Tarzan to do the course, but a positive attitude and a good sense of humor are required.